Students’ Rights and Responsibilities in the University of Languages

  1. Access to web pages located in the Site implies the total consent to all clauses written in this web page. Consequently, all users must read this page before accessing the site and utilizing any of its elements.
  2. Clauses contained within this page will have validity the moment those are online
  3. Each user will be made exclusively responsible of implementing the necessary security measurements to avoid the derived risks that come with accessing and utilizing the site. Therefore, the user will be in charge of verifying their computer for the existence of viruses or any other similar element with destructive characteristics, the preservation of confidentiality and non-altered state of data obtained, etc.
  4. The University of Languages reserves the right to freely alter, modify, and relocate, etc., the site without any previous notice. The University of Languages also will not assume any responsibility for consequences caused by the aforementioned circumstances as well.
  5. The user acknowledges and accepts that the use and interpretation of the site’s content are at their sole and exclusive risk. The site will not assume responsibility for the neither the misuse of the content nor damages, direct or indirect, caused by those, to others or themselves, that may claim to have been induced to take a decision when consulting the Site. Therefore, the user gives up their right to effect any complaints they may have over the access and utilization of the information included within the site.
All Students Enrolled at the University of Languages Enjoy the Next Rights:
  1. To be an active participant in their own information process
  2. To receive proper treatment and respect to their dignity as a person by teachers, classmates, and administrative personal.
  3. To participate in all scholar activities, whether those may be curricular or extra-curricular
  4. To being able to carry out academic activities in areas where security and hygienic conditions are guaranteed to be at or above standards of quality.
  5. For their religious, moral, and political convictions to be respected.
  6. To exercise their freedom of speech without neither harming the rights of other members in the educational community nor disrespecting the institutions.
All Students Enrolled at the University of Languages Have the Next Responsibilities:
  1. To respect the Mission, Vision, and Institutional Educational Project, or PEI, of the institution that are published in the institutional website.
  2. To attend classes and other educational activities proposed by teachers/staff, whether those be curricular or extra-curricular with punctuality.
  3. Constantly showing respect to the human dignity of others by avoiding to make discrimination for sex, economic situation, religion, or race.
  4. Fulfil, in time and manner, the academic responsibilities in accordance to the pertinent Curriculum Design at the time.
  5. Collaborate in the maintenance and hygiene of the installations, equipment, school supplies, and other elements in the educational centre.
  6. Abide by the required hygiene and personal presentation rules for the fulfilment of daily academic work, like for attendance to exams, educational practises inside or outside the Institution, etc.
  7. Conduct themselves with courtesy in their interaction with other members of the educational community.
  8. Respect the convictions of religion and morality as well as the dignity, integrity, and intimacy of members of the educational community. It is necessary to avoid harassing or using words that may be seen as offensive to others.

Privacy Policy

The present privacy policy stablishes how the University of Languages uses and protects user data when logging into the website. The University of Languages is committed with the safety of data of all its users, and when we request users to fill in the application form with personal data, we guarantee those will be used in accordance to what is it specified in this document. However, this privacy policy may be subject to change or update with time, so we recommend, and emphasise that it is important, to constantly check this webpage in order to make sure you agree with aforementioned changes.

Information that will be collected

Our website uses the information with the purpose of providing the best service possible; mainly to keep track of users, requests in applicable cases, and to enhance our goods and services. Emails may be sent periodically through our website with special offers, new products, and other advert that we may consider relevant or beneficiary for the user. These Emails will be sent to the address the user provides and can be cancelled at any time.

The University of Language is highly committed to keep the user’s data safeguarded. Advanced systems, that are constantly updated, are used in order to avoid unauthorised access.


A cookie refers to a small text file containing ID tags that are requested to be stored in the user’s personal computer, and when accepted, the cookie keeps track of information regarding the user’s movement within the site while facilitating future visits to recurring webpages. Another function of cookies is to identify and recognize the user navigating the website to provide the best personalised service possible.

Our website employs these cookies in order to identify what, and how often, a page is visited. This information is only used for statistical analysis purposes and is deleted shortly afterwards. The user can eliminate cookies from their personal computer at any moment. However, cookies can help us to provide a better service in our websites, and said cookies do not grant access to personal information stored in the user’s personal computer unless the user specifies otherwise and provides said personal data themselves. The user can accept or deny the use of cookies; however, most web browsers accept cookies automatically as those can be used to improve the web service. The user can also change the configuration on their personal computer to decline cookies, but doing so would deny access to some of the services to the user.

3rd party links

This website may contain links to 3rd party websites that could be of interest to the user. Once the user clicks on those links and leaves our website, we no longer have no control over the site the user is being re-directed into. Therefore, The University of Languages is no longer responsible for neither the service/privacy nor for the protection of user data on 3rd party websites. Said websites are subject to their own privacy policy, so it is recommended to consult said privacy policy before agreeing to it.

User’s control over their personal information

The user may restrict the recollection or usage of their personal data that is provided to our website. Any time the user is requested to fill in the form, like the user registration form, the user can check or uncheck the option to receive email. In case of having checked the option, the user may cancel at any time.

The University of Languages will not sell, hand over, or distribute any personal information without the consent of the user unless a warrant is issued by a judge.

The University of Languages reserves the right to change the terms of the privacy policy at any moment.


1. Sponsorships and general guidelines.
  • 1.1 The University of Languages reserves the right to select its sponsorship.
  • 1.2 Participation is totally free, and any person older than 15 can join in.
  • 1.3 Valid inscriptions are those from official scholarship designation.
  • 1.4 Any incident considered incorrect or dishonest shall be considered reason enough to get the sponsorship revoked.
  • 1.5 The sponsor can be deregistered or retired from the course at any moment.
  • 1.6 Sponsors are not Staff either the University of Language or IESDR (Dardo Rocha Institute of Superior Education.) Sponsors are volunteers only.
  • 1.7 There shall be no compromise from the institute when it comes to additional payments to sponsors described in bullet points two and four.
  • 1.8 Former sponsors can reapply.
  • 1.9 The function of the sponsor is to help students to complete the inscription process. After said inscription, every communication will be between the University of Languages and the student.
  • 1.10 Two payment methods are available in the platform for people who sign up:
    Credit card from the platform (immediate accreditation)
    Cash payment through RapiPago (Accreditation in five days)
  • 1.11 The payment will be accredited to the sponsor whenever fee amount has been certified.
  • 1.12 Every bonus is added onto your account after a strict verification. Whenever the verification is completed, it will be shown at
2. Remuneration
  • 2.1 For every new sponsored student that paid the monthly fee of $2100 ARS, the sponsor will receive $500 ARS.
  • 2.2 For every sponsored foreign student that paid the monthly fee of 30 U$D, the sponsor will receive $1000 ARS.
  • 2.3 Raised money will be accredited seven days after student’s inscription has been confirmed.
  • 2.4 The max amount of money a sponsor is allowed to collect without withdrawing is $70,000 ARS, and after that amount, internal fees will be charged
  • 2.5 The only method of payment available to sponsors is through MERCADO PAGO via Email. So, if the sponsor does not have an account, he has the register. Doing so is free of charge.
  • 2.6 We reserve the right to verify the inscription of the students. The Institution will accredit the payment to the sponsor after our system accredits payment of the students’ inscription and monthly fee.
  • 2.7 The University of Languages does not carry out advance on the accredited money.
  • 2.8 What happens if I get a student to sign up, but the students wants to pay the fee at a different moment? The sponsor will receive the payment as soon as the Institute verifies the student’s payment
3. Ranking
  • 3.1 The Institution reserves the right of admission and update to
  • 3.2 Sponsors mentioned on the list (Ranking) are officially recognized by the University of Languages.
  • 3.3 The list is updated every 24 hours
  • 3.4 The goal of ranking is for sponsors to observe their history and performance.
  • 3.5 The amount of raised money by sponsor will be shown in the ranking page through out the month.
  • 3.7 Weekly ranking restarts every Monday.
4. Bonuses and prizes
  • 4.1 There exist four types of additional payment, or bonuses – Additional money sponsors receive when they fulfil set expectations
  • 4.2 Monthly Bonus
    • 4.2.1 At the end of the month, the sponsor who placed 1st place will receive $10,000 ARS
    • 4.2.2 At the end of the month, the sponsor who placed 2nd place will receive $3000 ARS.
    • 4.2.3 At the end of the month, the sponsor who placed 3rd place will receive $1000 ARS.
    • 4.2.4 The sponsors who placed in any of the first three positions will receive a cap and stickers with logos of the University of Languages.
    • 4.2.5 This payment will be given only if 40 students sign up and confirm their payment.
  • 4.3 Weekly bonus
    • 4.3.1 At the end of the week (Sunday at 23:59,) the sponsor with the highest amount of students singed up students will receive a bonus of $1000 ARS.
    • 4.3.2 At the end of the week, the sponsor that places 2nd position will receive a bonus of $500 ARS.
    • 4.3.3 At the end of the week, the sponsor that places 3rd position will receive a bonus of $500 ARS
    • 4.3.4 To be selectable for weekly bonus, the sponsor has to have obtained a minimum of 10 inscriptions on that period.
  • 4.3 Daily bonus.
    • 4.4.1 The sponsor that obtains five inscriptions on a single day will receive an additional bonus of $1500 ARS.
    • 4.4.2 The institution will grant a daily bonus in case of achieving it.
  • 4.3 Bonus streak.
    • 4.5.1 The sponsor that achieves a total of five for five consecutive days will receive an additional bonus of $25,000 ARS.
    • 4.5.2 The system provides an exact report the moment a student sings up, and his payment is made.