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What is University of Languages?

It is an E-learning platform with gamification for language learning. We are an educational institution. We offer our courses and live classes throughout Latin America.

What is the course and live classes like?

Once enrolled and with your account active, you will have recorded classes and exercises on the platform. Live classes vary according to your active plan. The time and day of the class can be coordinated with the teachers.


Do you have a free trial or warranty?

If you purchased the entire course and for any reason you are not satisfied with the U of Lang course, you have a guarantee for your purchase and you may cancel your purchase within seven (7) days. If before seven (7) days you decide to cancel your account, we will refund your initial payment in full.

What is the price of the courses?

You can see the pricing table of our default plans at the language section you want to learn.

What are the payment methods?

We accept credit and debit cards. And only in Argentina cash payment in Rapi Pago (we do not recommend it). We analyze case by case.

Do you have payment plans available?

Yes, we have 3 general plans available. But if this is not what you are looking for, you can customize your course here. If it's still not what you are looking for, we can consider your specific needs and quote it. Send us a message from the QUESTIONS section requesting this!

University of languages platform

How do i create my account?

After paying the course suscription, a course advisor will contact you to let you know how to start the classes with your teacher.

I have problems in the course, What can i do?

Please complete this form and let us know about your problem.


How long after finishing the course will I receive my certificate?

You will automatically receive your certificate after finishing the course. Once you complete your course, we send your grades and transcripts so you can receive your official certification from the Argentinean Ministry of Education. This certificate is valid worldwide.

Can I take a quick test to become certified?

Yes. you can go at the language section you want to become certified and click at the section "Instant certification program", fill the form and wait for our response!


What do I need to use the University of Languages platform?

Simply a computer or tablet with internet connection. And for live classes, headphones. No need for a webcam if you don't feel comfortable.

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